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In 1981, Epo-Plus, Inc was founded in City of Industry, California to provide customers the convenience of packaged one and two-part epoxies at a reasonable price.  Epo-Plus offers packaging from one and two component epoxies in any size containers, to pre-mixed epoxies in an assortment of sizes and styles of syringes.  We can also work with customers to customize any type of packaging to fit their personal application.  All pre-mixed epoxies are shipped frozen overnight in styro-foam containers and are accompanied with dry-ice.  Located on the outside of each dry-iced packages are fully labeled instructions for storage upon arrival.


We offer packaging for a variety of epoxies that can either be purchased by Epo-Plus or supplied by the customer.  Over the years, Epo-Plus has specialized in air-removal and delivery of pre-mixed epoxies into syringes which can be advantageous to many customers by eliminating packaging processes and excess of unloaded material.  Packaging by Epo-Plus simply allows the customer to thaw and dispense.  All of our processes come complete with work order travelers to insure that all processes are met step by step to the highest degree of traceability.


Epo-Plus has been providing excellent customer service without a single reject of frozen epoxy in over 30 years.  We can stock customers' material to provide a rapid turn-around time to meet any demand at the busiest times.  Our commitment is to supply each customer with the absolute best service and assist whenever their material may become exhausted and require a shipment today.  In many cases, we have the ability to ship same day or provide customers with same day pickup.


Epo-Plus has been certified and proudly supplying companies such as Teledyne Electronics Technologies, Raytheon, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems, CTS, St. Jude, OSI Optoelectronics, Natel Engineering, and Japan Airlines.

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